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Top 10 Most Popular Bikes in India 2013

No 10. Hero MotoCorp CBZ Xtreme

Hero MotoCorp CBZ Xtreme earlier known as Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is at the 10th place on the popularity chart. The bike was introduced in 2008 and has been an icon for style and good looks ever since.

After the sad breakup -- okay maybe not literally split up but that only enhances the melodrama -- the bike is on the market beneath the Hero MotoCorp umbrella.

The 149.2 cc bike has reasonable seems, fair mileage around 43-45kmpl, an electric of 10.6 kw and a torque of 12.80 Nm.

No doubt the bike seems reasonable (you might change however but many people are eligible to an opinion) and provides reasonable performance too... nevertheless the'Live down the Side'and the fashionable calligraphic'Xtreme'campaign is a little over the top with this bike.

No 9. Honda CBF Stunner

At number eight we've the Honda Stunner which begins from Rs 56,000 around (ex-showroom, Delhi).
The 124.7 cc bicycle with an electric of 11 Bhp at 1000 rpm, torque of 11 Nm at 6500 rpm and a mileage of 52 kmpl, looks masculine which, if the positioning is to be thought, is a nice-looking, vision catching equipment for the girls. No surprise, the reputation is large!

Hero Ignitor has very similar looks and a lot of features match too, however the Stunner victories in two fundamental factors: preservation and acceleration.

Honda Stunner has the Viscous Air Filtration which helps in lowering preservation costs and demands. Hero Ignitor may move from 0 to 60 in 6.2 seconds although Ford Stunner may move do the same in 5.3 seconds.

Now, I don't know about the consequences of the bicycle on the girls, but the lower cost and speed certainly will lure the guys.

No 8. Honda Shine

Honda CB Shine, the most popular common man's drive, are at quantity eight on the list of 10 hottest bicycles in India.

The bicycle first came into existence in 2006 underneath the HMSI banner. Honda and Hero bicycles at the past three jobs reveal that even if the separate has affected both the businesses they are however of the same quality individually and soon enough they may demonstrate dangerous to one another and others in the market.

Returning to the bicycle, it is a 124.7 cc bicycle which produces a usage of about 65 kmpl and is costing about Rs 51,409.

Disk wheels, tubeless tyres, simple handling, remarkable comfort, reasonable seems; Honda Shine has it all.

No 7. Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si

The Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si, presented in September 2008 are at the seventh position on the recognition charts. With income in excess of 30,000 items per month that bicycle is second to nothing other.

That 124.58 cc bicycle presents an impressive usage of 70-80 kmpl. Bajaj Platina has a top rate of 91 kmph.

Trip get a handle on function with this bicycle helps in controlling/tuning the rate according to the cycling situation, and hence helps in bettering the gas economy. Another benefit of the bicycle is that there is minimum significance of gear change.

At a Rs 35,524 (ex-showroom) the Bajaj Platina 125 DTS-Si shows to be always a pocket-friendly bicycle for the pocket-conscious people.

No 6. Yamaha YZF R15

Riding at number six could be the Yamaha YZF R15. Now this is a 150 cc bicycle which includes the appears of a sportsbike.

The company states and we don't vary much. That bicycle delivers environmental efficiency making it a perfect bicycle for'Metropolitan Supersports'(I did not create this term, Yamaha did. I am simply restating it here). The price tag on the delicious looking device is Rs 1,08,000 approximately (ex-showroom, New Delhi).

The appears are improved by the splendid colors that the bicycle will come in with. The wise Race Blue, the mystical Midnight Black, the spectacular Sunset Red combined with WGP 50th Wedding Confined Release bicycle, which in wonderful mix of bright and red and the Particular Release Fiery Red, look at any of these and if that you don't drool then look again, as you certainly will.

It is a amazing looking bicycle in this section and as soon as you travel it you would know wherever did the draw point'Yes Yamaha!' come from.

No 5. Royal Enfield Classic

The drive of the royals reaches quantity five. The majestic Royal Enfield Classic 500cc and 350cc are one of their kind. The aura of this bicycle is much better than any other. Irrespective of how hard I act as unbiased it shows itself up; that is one of our favourites. Now this can be a bicycle that includes a lineage of around 64 years, since 1948 when it first went in to production.

This bicycle is not one of the finest cycles in terms of usage nevertheless the respect and order it needs and receives is what delivers this bicycle in this listing of top hottest bikes.

Royal Enfield Classic -- really,'created of an abundant history and bred with royal elegance.'

No 4. Bajaj Discover

At the fourth position is the Bajaj Discover. Lately, within the period of a month Bajaj launched the Bajaj Discover 100 4G and Bajaj Discover 125 ST. The cost range for Bajaj Discover is Rs 41,736 to Rs 47,030 (ex-showroom, New Delhi). Bajaj Discover with their'Discover India with the power of just one litre'positioned Discover as one of the very fuel effective bicycles within their certain phase, creating them really popular.

The business states mileage of the bike is 82 kmpl in the city. In 2008, the 100 cc segment Discover DTS-Si sold about 1,00,000 models within the initial 50 days of its launch. It was this bike that helped Bajaj make its position in the commuter segment.

With Pulsar's launch that occurred 10 years ago, Bajaj redefined biking in India. With the constant starts of the Discover series, is Bajaj trying to keep'Clearly Forward '? Only time can tell...

No 3. Hero Karizma

The wonderful looking Hero Karizma reaches number three in my own list. The bicycle has a cool position with 223 cc displacement and a torque of 18.35 Nm at 6000 rpm.

The most truly effective speed sent by the bicycle is 125 kmph.

This activities bicycle has received an association with the ever so common adventure game MTV Roadies and the collaboration still continues causeing the bicycle even more appealing amongst Indian youth.

It's a lusty splendor available at a price of Rs 75,100 around (ex-showroom, New Delhi). It has two versions, the Hero Karizma R and the Hero Karizma ZMR. ZMR could be the successor for R.

The variations between both bicycles are the style of fairing, an alternative headlight, digital speedometer that is not available in the R. ZMR has a corner cd brakes and back swing supply suspension that are missing in the previous version.

The newest ZMR has a gas injection program rather than the carburetor. This bicycle was presented in 2003 and developed the secret and trend of sportsbikes in India. Before Karizma's introduction, activities bicycles were not as popular.

No 2. Yamaha Fazer

Yamaha Fazer, the bike that claims'No distance too far'stands at quantity two. The bike features a displacement of 153 cc and looks that makes it stay apart.

The bike is a reasonable drive overall with an electric of 14Ps and a distance of 43.4 kmpl in the city. The bike starts from a modest cost of Rs 72,000 around (ex-showroom, New Delhi). The bike moves up to 108.8 kmph and accelerates from 0 to 60 in only 5.2 seconds.

The manufacturer has been associated with John Abraham for some time now now. This association has helped Yamaha build a devote the thoughts of the bike enthusiasts. Fine, perhaps the majority of the hardcore individuals wouldn't be suffering from a brand ambassador but by and big the amount of people who associate the manufacturer with the endorser is too big to ignore.

No 1. Bajaj Pulsar

Presenting typically the most popular bike in the country -- no rewards for wondering -- typically the most popular bike in the country. Even with a decade the drum rolls Bajaj Pulsar Line rates first in the list of most common bikes.

That series of bicycles has taken Bajaj up and out to the top and helps Bajaj stay put at that position. The individuals only don't look to obtain enough of the range. This can maybe not be a favourite amongst the bike lovers but everyone seems to love that to no limit.

The series has a selection of bicycles starting from 135 cc, 150 cc, 180 cc to 220 cc. The newly unveiled Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS will soon be included to the list.

The bike is very fantastic in a budget range of Rs 52,997 to Rs 100,000 approximately. The very first Pulsar model was the 150 cc one and since that launch Bajaj has maybe not seemed back.

Until April 2012, Pulsar has distributed significantly more than five million units. That number by itself says a whole lot about the bike. Whether you individually like the bike or maybe not, the numbers are ongoing to make Bajaj Pulsar happy and the recognition of the bike is merely unmatched.

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